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BrytSmile Full Treatment
(60 Minutes) Allow 2 hours for the full process
Includes a consultation, aftercare advice & discounted after care products

ONLY £99.00 (Treatment + Custom made trays = £179) 

BrytSmile Express Top up treatment (Previous Clients)
Recommended every 6 - 8 months (40 Minutes) Allow 1 hour 30 mins
Includes a follow-on consultation, after care advice & discounted after care products

ONLY £79.00

NEW Custom Made Whitening Trays 

Molded to the exact shape of your teeth & are lab made. Exact same ones you receive from a dentist.
Perfect combination for use with our laser light & to maintain your whiteness
ONLY £159 (Dentists charge £350 - £500)

BrytSmile Re-minerilisation Treatment
Great after a Teeth Whitening treatment to give a boost of Vitamins, Minerals & Calcium into your teeth (10 Minutes)

BrytSmile De-Sensitivity Treatment
Excellent for individuals suffering from sensitivity. This treatment will dramatically improve sensitivity issues prior to the teeth whitening treatment
(10 Minutes)

Group Party / Wedding / Event Bookings
Same location and times. Two people can be treated at the same time.

Please Contact us for pricing 


Please Note:
All of our Treatments are FULL one hour treatments - many companies offer just a quick 30-40 minute 'Top-up session' for the same price as our hourly treatments. Please allow yourself atleast 2 hours for the full treatment as a consultation will be given prior to the treatment. 

ALL of our equipment & products come direct from the USA & are all FDA approved which produce amazing long lasting results, unlike other ''cheaper'' products other companies use which come from China. 

Girl with a BrytSmile!

Limited Time Offer Rates

We are currently offering a limited time offer rate for an amazing £99!! Compared to companies charging between £145-£299 & dentists charging anything up to a whopping £500! We believe we are very competitive for Laser Teeth Whitening.


Gift Certificates

We also offer Gift Certificates too! So why not treat that someone special? Contact us today to arrange one.


Groups and Weddings/Events

Group bookings, weddings, and events groups can also be catered for! Please contact us for discounted prices.

Depending on the condition of your teeth you may need more than one treatment. Each treatment lasts 1 hour with 3x 20 minutes under the light. If this is the case It is recommended having your next treatment 1 week after your previous treatment to maintain that perfect smile of yours. Once all treatment(s) are carried out & you have achieved that perfect smile you should generally keep your teeth topped up every 6-8 months with our express top up!

Prices advertised is the price you pay - ALL INCLUSIVE of consultation, Laser Teeth Whitening treatment, VAT & travelling to you. You will be given the option to have a Re-Mineralising gel applied to your teeth after the treatment.

To maximise the results of your Teeth Whitening experience & to maintain your Brytsmile you will need to use an after-care product for at least 14 days after your treatment. Please visit our online shop for our very reasonable after care products. These can also be sold on the day by one of our technicians.



You may think it is cheaper to buy a home whitening teeth kit online, Indeed it is but the strength used in these kits are not strong enough to achieve laser white teeth whitening which we offer & can damage your teeth! With our specially formulated gels and professional laser light we can achieve up to 10 shades lighter in just ONE hour!

Home kits will only improve your shade by up to 3 shades in 3 weeks. If the Home Kits are not used properly you may damage your teeth & gums. Remember, our technicians are fully insured & qualified & do this all the time! So why not let us do the job for you without the risk of injuring yourself & to achieve immediate BrytSmile results!



To pro-long the whiteness after your teeth whitening treatment we offer after care products which will continue to whiten your teeth after the treatment & will also maintain your new shade. We offer discounted prices on the day compared to our online shop prices, so be sure to ask your specialist about our range of discounted aftercare products on the day. We strongly recommend our custom made whitening trays for best results.